Nexus is proud to announce their exclusive partnership with Nanolive SA in the United States.

Nanolive SA (, was founded in 2013 at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland. Their proprietary technology, the 3D Cell Explorer, delivers living cell tomography. Over the past five years, Nanolive has focused on innovative product development to deliver a high precision and high-quality research device to its users globally.

In 2017, Nexus Scientific and Nanolive SA partnered successfully in the Northeastern states to make the 3D Cell Explorers available in the United States. Today, with growing demand from academic, non-academic institutions and industry, the two companies have extended their partnership. Nexus Scientific is the sole provider of Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorers in the United States.

For the second year, Nanolive is inviting researchers with an interest in 3D cell imaging to submit a short research proposal, the best of which will be awarded with the Label-free Lab Award 2018. The winning research lab will receive a free six-month loan of a 3D Cell Explorer microscope. Proposals should focus on non-fluorescence based imaging that will benefit from the unique strengths of the 3D Cell Explorer microscope.

Runner Up Prize: A 3 Month Loan from Nexus Scientific

In celebration of our exclusive partnership with Nanolive, Nexus Scientific is contributing a second 3D Cell Explorer for a three-month loan to the US Runner Up of the Label-free lab Awards. The deadline is November 30th at midnight CET (November 29th, 7pm EST). You can find more information on how to apply here: