Nexus is inviting you to attend a Free 3D -CX Microscope Demo Happy Hour Event at our lab-office in Washington,DC on March 16th or in Boston on March 21st. Save a date if you are interested in cutting-edge live cell-imaging! Join us to explore cell’s activity in Color with the 3D -CX Microscope!

3D-CX Microscope is designed for Cell Biology Education and Research. It is a high speed, high resolution and non-invasive tool that can image living cells and tissues in 3D without any sample modification (no markers, no labels). With the highest resolution than any conventional microscope on the market, it allows to record stunning 3D images and time-lapses of cells in just seconds!

Real Biology Happens in 3D, Live and in Color! Come to see how much can Real Cell Biology Research and Education be so much fun!
To RSVP, Please Click Here.

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