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BioPen PRIME and BioPen FLEX systems are easy-to-use microfluidic devices for maintaining local delivery of molecules to single cells, enabling control of the chemical environment around single intact cells in tissue or cell cultures.

  • The BioPen systems are compatible with most micromanipulators and microscopes. 

  • BioPen enables delivery of up to four different compounds or concentration levels using one single disposable tip.

Microfluidic single-cell solution delivery

  • Directly target individual cells

  • Full user control of position and timing

  • No risk of contamination

  • Low compound consumption

BioPen Systems

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Biozone 6 is a new concept for direct single-cell pharmacology from Fluicell that lets users generate dose-response curves or study the effects of multiple drug compounds in an intuitive way, directly on individual cells.


It is a unique research tool that lets you perform experiments on individual cells in their native environment with up to six different compounds

Biozone 6

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